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LiveOil from today is a blog that will give space to information without borders

pursuing the same goals undertaken by the Cultural Association but with different methods.

LiveOil was a Cultural Association that promoted and pursued cultural purposes related to publishing, artisitic and literary fields with particular interest in eco-sustainability, technological innovation and scientific progress. LiveOil has proposed and established a dialogue between exponents of the "Green" and the "Carbon" Economy, intensifying cultural exchanges between Italy and abroad.


5 Marzo 2018

The Cultural Association LiveOil becomes a BLOG

10 Febbraio 2016

LiveOil patrocina il convegno internazionale "Ecoone 2016" che si terrĂ  a Budapest dal 27 al 29 Maggio 2016 - www.ecoone.org

21 Gennaio 2015

UNIVERSITA' LUMSA - Presentazione del libro "Che favola la scienza!"

8 August 2014

New script released for the first film on the Italian Chapel



27 July 2014

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20-26 June 2014

St Magnus International Festival, Orkney Library & Archive Orkney Islands.

Exposition of the historical-photographic exhibition

"The Italian Chapel and the Prisoners of Camp 60"

Opening ceremony 21 of June with the Italian Ambassador in London Pasquale Terracciano and the Secretary of Cabinet for Culture and External Affairs of the Scottish Government Fiona Hyslop.

26 June 2014

Article of Samantha Graigie on the weekly edition of "The Orcadian" with an interview to LiveOil President.

Download the article

23 June 2014

LiveOil meets the Director of the St Magnus Festival Alasdair Nicolson.

Read the interview.

22 June 2014

LiveOil meets the Technical Director of Talisman Sinopec, one of the major oil & gas operators in the North Sea.

21 June 2014

The Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs Fiona Hyslop releases an exclusive interview to LiveOil.

Read the interview.