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29 November 2013: an unforgettable day


For the first time in Rome and thanks to the tireless work of LiveOil took placet an unforgettable day devoted to the Italian Chapel in Orkney and to the italian prisoners there were detained during World War II. The audience appreciated all the details of the story through the 10 panels prepared by the curator and the artistic director of the event .

Particularly moving has been the moment of the embrace between Coroliano "Gino" Caprara, a former inmate in the prison camp in the Orkney Islands, and John Muir, Secretary General of the Committee for the Preservation of the Chapel who came from Orkney for the occasion.

Of relevant meaning has been the participation of the sons of Dominic Chiocchetti and Ugo Pizzi with their witness on of how much humanity and dignity their parents faced the situations of extreme difficulty.


It must be outlined the presence in the audience of the former vice president of the Lazio region Luciano Ciocchetti who also wanted to give a short speech of welcome to the participants.

Participation in the event of Anita Garibaldi, the grandson of the Hero of Two Worlds, gave additional luster to the evening.

Prof. Marco Bussagli illustrated with a " Lezio Magistralis " the artistic - architectural aspects of the Italian Chapel with a depth of analysis that had never been put into the field until today . The audience paid tribute to Prof. Bussagli with a long applause at the end of his speech to show his appreciation.

The theologian Dora Tobar has also dealt with the spiritual themes that lie behind the historicaland human events that led to the realization of the Chapel. A contribution of high levelthat has gained interest and appreciation .

The interventions by Philip Paris , Massimiliano Guarneri and Daniel McStay showed that around the story of the Chapel there is also a vibrant literary and scientific activity .

The musician Mazziotti delighted the audience with two performances with zampogna and bagpipe . At the end of the day the actress Ida Sansone read the poem " Anno Domini 2033 - The Chapel in the Orkneys " written by the poet Julia Bloomfield in February 1993.


The magical atmosphere of the event had a follow in the convivial moment in which all participants took part. Particular success was achieved by the taste of Wishky coming directly from the Highland Park distillery in Orkney and kindly offered by the company itself .


The LiveOil thanks all those who attended and all those who contributed to the event.



Thanks to LiveOil the history of the Italian Chapel on Orkney lands on RAI History.

The transmission RAM (Research Archive Memory) intervened during the event with its journalist and cameramen to record to the witnessess of many people attended the event. A unique opportunity for RAI to have at the same time so many contributions and of such high value and meaning.

The result is an extraordinary contribution appeared during the sixteenth episode of the series. A reportlasting more than eighteen minutes and enriched with new videos and pictures, drawn from the RAI archive.

The intervention of the curator of the exhibition highlighted the key role played by LiveOil in channeling around the story of the Italian Chapel on Orkney an interest never seen before.