A New Film Script


a new Film Script

ORKNEY: a new script for the first film on the Italian Chapel

Gabriella Tamburello and Marco Bussagli have deposited a subject for a film about the Italian Chapel in Orkney and the events of Prisoners of Camp 60. In a time when there are many initiatives around this fascinating story, the authors intention is to bring back the core of a film script on the Italian Chapel and not on the more or less true stories of affairs between Italian soldiers and local girls. "Orkney", this the name of the subject, is an attempt to not trivialize what may be the first film about the Italian Chapel. The story is set in the late fifties and is centered on the efforts of the local community in order to save the Chapel from the dismantling ordered by a rampant oil company to move forward with its drilling plans. Several flashbacks show the protagonists of the film back in time during the construction of the chapel with scenes of life in the Camp 60. A stylish and compelling way to tell the extraordinary historical events that took place in Orkney.


The script was greeted with enthusiasm by a major Italian production and an overseas one based in Los Angeles. In addition, the actor Giovanni Mauriello, star of "Another Time, Another Place" has already given his approval to act in the film. The entire project has been submitted to the attention of the European Commission under the Creative Media Program to obtain the prestigious label of project supported by European funds.

Did you know that...

...in spite that seventy years have passed since its construction no film has been produced on the Italian Chapel in Orkney ...

... the first official recognition to the protagonists of the events was the medal of representation recognized by the President of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, to the historic photographic exhibition organized by LiveOil in Rome, November 29, 2013 ...

... "Another Time, Another Place" is a 1983 film directed by Michael . The movie's story takes palce in 1943 in Scotland during the time of Second World War.

Janie is young woman, who married an a person called Dongal, fifteen years her older. Included in a war reabilitation system, the spouses accept 3 Italian P.O.W.'s to do the job on their farm and Janie quickly falls in love and gets in into a hopeless relationship with one of the Italian soldiers known as Luigi.